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Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Filmmakers’ Workshop on Feb. 14-15 at the Saigon International Film School. (Special thanks to Ed from Blackmagic design).

The audience ran the gamut: students interested in filmmaking handled lights and used a pro camera for the first time; people looking to transition careers got a taste of the business; while professionals from the field were able to brush up on important new skills in color grading. This is exactly the kind of mixed bag exchange of knowledge and networking we hope to foster with the workshops. We’re really grateful for the support and we hope everyone learned a thing or two!

Take a look at the short video we made here and read some tips that were shared at the workshop:

Day 1

Dong On, lead filmmaker at RICE, introduced the basic setup, rules and equipment of a beauty shoot.

We asked and answered questions such as: when is it appropriate to use beauty shoot techniques? What’s the role of makeup?

(Answers: for TV commercials, feature films, online fashion/beauty content and documentaries. So…everywhere. As for makeup, when shooting with 4k or higher cameras and high-quality lenses plus artificial light, basic and corrective makeup helps counterbalance the extreme detail of facial features.)


Next: which lights and cameras to use?

Go-to choices, depending on  your needs, are Tungsten, HMI Daylight, Florescent, and LED lights.

For cameras: Super35 cameras are appropriate for TV commercial shoots. Full Frame cameras are good for smaller-scale projects but won’t provide the quality you need for a TV commercial. Same goes for Micro 4/3.


Check out this lighting tutorial to get a sense of how the RICE team set things up during the hands-on segment of the workshop.

Pro tip: Gloves! Always! 


Day 2

Dong On and Laura F. Knieling, a Colorist from Digipost, ran through the basics and some important considerations for color grading a beauty shoot. See our primer from before the workshop for more resources on color grading.


See here for some basic tips on how to use Davinci Resolve to create a dramatic mood:


To wrap it up, here are a few common mistakes people might make during a beauty shoot.

If you couldn’t make it this time, keep an eye out for our next event, they’re free! And you can always drop us a line on Facebook with questions about our events and filmmaking in general.